Generate energy from passing transport
Highly efficient turbines providing renewable and reliable power
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What we believe in
Treeva Turbines are pioneering safe, rewarding and reliable power for transport.

Technology with double the energy efficiencies of alternatives.

Vital renewable energy for transport to reduce CO2 and mitigate Climate Change.

Energy Struggles

Transport companies are struggling to meet their net zero goals, all while the rising electricity demands increase the risks of blackouts and brownouts.

Reliable power generation on site is urgently required.


Treeva Turbines

We provide highly efficient vertical-axis wind turbines which rotate due to the turbulent airflow of passing transport.

These turbines are quickly and easily installed on site to generate renewable and reliably power with significant energy cost savings.

Illustrative design of turbines on road.
Power net-zero transport systems
Own efficient, reliable and affordable renewable energy.
Today is the day to make a change.
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